WhatsApp Business API vs Traditional Customer Support Channels: Which is More Effective?

WhatsApp Business API vs Traditional Customer Support Channels

New technologies like WhatsApp Business API are transforming the marketing landscape by providing businesses with new ways to reach and engage customers. They are opening up new opportunities for businesses to connect with customers meaningfully and create more efficient and effective marketing strategies. With them, businesses can grow and succeed in the digital age. As these […]

Why WhatsApp Login is the Future of Social Media Authentication

Why WhatsApp Login is the Future of Social Media Authentication

Social media has become an integral part of our lives these days. From staying in touch with friends and family to conducting business and networking, social media platforms have revolutionised how we communicate and interact. However, as the number of social media platforms and accounts we manage increases, so does the frustration of remembering multiple […]

Shaping up the business communication with SMS API

Shaping up the business communication with Bulk SMS API

SMS is a widely used communication channel for businesses to interact with customers. Bulk SMS API allows enterprises to integrate functionality into their applications, systems, and workflows.  Enterprises are increasingly automating their messaging workflows using SMS APIs. It enables them to send messages at scale, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. The landscape for enterprises […]

Introducing OTPFREE – Say Goodbye to One-Time Passcodes Forever

Login with WhatsApp

For both customers and organisations, login and authentication are crucial since they confirm a user’s identity and safeguard their accounts and data. A lot of customers face problems with OTPs on a daily basis, whether they’re dealing with delays or fraudulent ones. In the previous two years, there have been over 9 lakh reports of […]

Benefits of IVR (Interactive voice response): 5 Reasons Your Company Needs One Today!

Benefits of IVR Solutions for Your Company

Businesses today are using multiple technology touchpoints to maximise customer engagement. Having a modern, user-friendly phone system at your business enhances the customer and staff experience multifold. By prioritising critical calls and directing non trivial ones to the appropriate departments, IVR helps your business function smoothly.  IVR systems may assist both large and small marketing […]

Features of WhatsApp Business to Improve CX!

whatsapp business api

A key aspect of any business is marketing the product to a large audience. It is easier and faster for businesses to communicate with their customers using WhatsApp. And If you’re looking for a way to improve customer experience, WhatsApp Business is a great choice! Due to its widespread use by more people, no matter […]

5 Ways AI Chatbots Are Transforming BFSI Sector

The improved cognition and social simulation have ensured that Artificial Intelligence technology has moved from the backburner to the centre of communication. When was it last that you stood in a queue in front of a teller’s desk in the bank? Can’t remember? Indeed, the Internet has already reshaped and eased our banking experiences. But […]

Conversational Chatbots: A Perfect Tool or Customer Engagement?

Conversational AI Chatbots

In most cases, companies lose customers to their competitors due to a lack of interaction at the right time. Yes, suppose you delay answering your customer’s or prospects’ queries, they might end up being customers to your nearest competitor. Being accessible to potential consumers is crucial since it can leave a positive impression and benefit […]

Whatsapp Chatbots for E-Commerce Businesses: Benefits and Features

WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

The WhatsApp chatbot is a quick and hassle-free way for businesses to engage with their prospects and customers, benefiting both sides. This AI-powered technology acts as a lifesaver for most businesses allowing them to be available 24 hours a day. According to renowned marketing expert Matthew Barby, better chatbot experiences with more engaged audiences can […]

Top 5 Reasons to integrate WhatsApp API for your Business

integrate WhatsApp API

In a short period of time, WhatsApp has become the preferred messaging service for 2 billion active users worldwide. It’s a quick, easy, and practical method for family and friends to talk, send and receive documents, exchange photographs and videos, create group SMS, and have private, secure chats whenever they want, day or night. Customers […]